“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates





You will never understand the power of life coaching until you experience it for yourself. I found Rhonda after struggling with anxiety got several months. The first thing she introduced me to was meditation; wow! Life changing. Creating 20 minutes per day of time and space (despite the demands of a full time job and family) has changed my life. After two weeks I felt anxiety free. Into my fourth week I look forward to the incredible opportunities I will explore with the guidance of Rhonda. Gratitude and Wow are what I have to say. Looking forward to the days ahead!

– Melissa L. – Graeagle, CA


In a very short period of time, Rhonda has helped me immensely. She’s helped change my perspective on my challenges – to see the first in them rather than find what I’m lacking in. She’s been nothing but supportive since we’ve started working together.

More than anything – more than all her skills – one characteristic remains true of Rhonda: she’s real. She’s not coming from a place of, “I’ve read a lot of books so I know how to help you,” she’s coming from a place of experience and understanding of what our limitations don’t do for us. Rhonda is willing to get in and dive deep to get your greatest potential realized. She is authentic and honest – with a fiery “kick-start” attitude.

– Celeste N. – Sacramento, CA


If you want someone who won’t just get you results but who will connect with you in the process, I suggest you work with Rhonda.
Working with Rhonda Has Been Such a Blessing In My Life?

Working with Rhonda has been such a blessing in my life. I came from a background of never meditating or feeling truly connected to my body. I didn’t even really understand the point of all those practices because when I did them on my own, it felt like I was just wasting time or falling asleep. After implementing Rhonda’s techniques and meditations, I have never felt more connected to my body or mind. This allows me to wake up everyday without an alarm clock! I reduce anxiety the minute I feel it coming on, and get a peaceful night’s sleep without tossing and turning.

– Kalyn R. – Holland, Michigan

Working with Rhonda has been a truly life changing experience! When I began working with her I was struggling with a tremendous feeling of being overwhelmed by the daily stresses of life. I was stuck in the rut of being a working Mom with a traveling husband, my career was demanding and not rewarding, and I was allowing the stresses of work to take a mental and physical toll on my entire life. I lacked joy and purpose and it was affecting my role as a mother, wife, friend, sister, co-worker, boss, and teacher/mentor. I was depressed, anxious about the future, and just going through the motions of each day. Within a week of working with Rhonda, implementing life changing tools and strategies, my mental fog lifted, my mood was better than ever, and I was no longer feeling overwhelmed. In less than a month, my confidence was back and I accepted a new job. Rhonda has helped me to gain clarity, perspective, appreciation, confidence, greater communication, and most importantly the tools to create time and space for much needed self-care. She has helped me improve in all of the critical aspects of my life: family, friends, career, and health. My husband is beyond happy to have his old positive Sam back. My kids are enjoying a much more present and joyful Mommy, and my ability to tackle the challenges of daily life as a career Mom is greater than I ever imagined. I now know, with the lifelong tools and support Rhonda has provided, I CAN do it all! I am forever grateful for Rhonda. I cannot thank her enough for the wonderful insight, so beautifully worded, and most importantly the support and encouragement and belief in me! She is absolutely AMAZING!!!
– Samantha C. – El Dorado Hills, CA